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Passionate about solving problems and writing code.

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Full e-commerce application

Credit Card payments with AuthroizeNet

Credit Card payments with Stripe


Chubby: fat for Slim framework 3


I write standards compliant code. My approach to development is agile, which means that you can see results early.

I've been working with electronic commerce applications for ten years. API integration -RESTful or otherwise- is among the things I enjoy more. I have long and solid experience integrating payment and shipping processors.

I'm used to work with MVC frameworks; being Slim 3 my personal favorite.

Other tools in my toolbox are: Laravel's Eloquent ORM , Cartalyst's Sentinel Authorization and Authentication and my own Chubby wrapper for Slim 3 among many other awesome packages.

For client-side I'm fluent with jQuery, Polymer, Less/CSS and HTML5. AJAX and JSON are my daily cup of coffee.

I prefer to work with small companies, freelance designers and as an external contractor for up to middle sized Web development companies. I'm very autonomous and I believe to have a creative mind when it comes to solving problems.